Why Truth is Important in Life |How to Teach Child to Speak Truth

why truth is important in life

Out of all human virtues, truthfulness is of utmost importance. But why truth is important in life? Well, this trait is important to develop the character of kids. Humanity depends on truth; our society cannot exist if every one of us become liars. A true man has a strong aura, he is never afraid of anyone and anything. He is a man of his words and is responsible enough to handle whatever comes in his way.

A truthful man may have little to spend, but he lives a peaceful and joyful life. His words have greater values in people’s life. People admire him for his good deeds. There are countless benefits of truthfulness. Often parents spend years teaching their kids to speak the truth.

Some of them get successful but others keep on wondering how to teach the child to speak the truth? To make things simple for you, here’s how to teach kids the importance of truth and honesty in life?

How To Teach Honesty To Preschoolers

  1. Kids about telling the truth

Tell the kid about all the advantages of speaking truth. Explain to him that lying destroys trust but truthfulness earns future trust. Celebrate whenever your kid speaks the truth. Sometimes maybe the kid is scared of telling you the truth. When he tells you whatever he is hiding, don’t be rude after hearing the bitter truth, rather say that it’s OK to make mistakes.

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  1. Reward kids for truth-telling

When a child admits that he has done something wrong -breaking a vase, kicking his friend, destroying his sister’s makeup- don’t lose your temper. Sometimes it’s hard to reward the kid for truth-telling. So, something like “thank you, son, for telling the truth” or “I’m pleased with you for being honest with me” will act as a reward. However, don’t forget to make him apologize to the one whom he has hurt.

  1. Pray

A family that prays together often have good moral values. Try to pray daily with your kid. Read your religious book and tell him that God never lies. Tell him that to please God you must always speak the truth. Let your kid follow the paths of God. You’ll gradually observe changes in his behavior. He will become a more calm, happy, and truthful child.

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  1. Having underscored honesty, also teach discernment

Sometimes you are stuck in a situation in which you can’t speak the truth. For example, a lady running in the park is overweight, you don’t have to announce this in front of her or anybody else. By saying such a thing, you can hurt her feelings. So, it’s better to zip up your mouth. Kids must be taught that it is important to keep some realistic information to ourselves.

  1. Be a role model

You are the role model to your kid. If you speak a lie, your child will automatically follow you. Even if you are speaking a harmless white lie, he will feel that’s it’s ok to lie. If your kid is speaking small lies, later he’ll not be afraid of telling a big one. So, it is clear that you need to live by the truth.

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  1. Don’t put your child to the test

Though it looks quite tempting to test him, you should avoid asking questions that give your child a chance to be dishonest. For example, if you saw your toddler spilling sauce on the couch. Do not ask, “Did you just spill sauce on the couch?” This will make him believe that he might have a way out and could pass blame elsewhere. You just need to tell him to clean it up. Don’t worry you’ll get enough opportunities to let him speak the truth.

  1. Tell him about the consequences

Tell him the consequences for lying, like the ones who speak false statements go to hell and the truthful people go to heaven. Not only humans but God too doesn’t like the people who lie. God only helps those who speak the truth. Tell him that it is not worthy to lie. Liars are liked and trusted by no one. This is also one of the tricks on how to get a child to admit they are lying.

  1. Correct Mistakes

Catch your child while he is being dishonest to you. This is a great opportunity to teach him to admit his faults. Ask him what made him feel like there is a need to lie. Explain to him how dishonesty hurts relationships. Tell him that it causes mistrust and it is very difficult to earn back the trust. Talk about what he could have done differently.

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  1. Follow through on promises

Teach your little buddy to never beak promises that he has made. If you want to be trusted by others, keep your promises no matter how hard it is. Tell him to become someone who considers his word sacred. The best way to teach this one of the amazing honesty activities for kids is by doing it yourself.

  1. Find honest friends

Kids imitate people they spend hours with. This is why if your child’s friends are liars and cheaters, he will become just like them. If his friends are upstanding and honest, he’ll inherit those traits. So, you must keep an eye on with whom your kid is playing and spending time.

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