The Silly Princess Story for 2nd Grade | Short Story for Kids

The Silly Princess Story for 2nd Grade 

The Silly Princess Story for 2nd Grade 

Here’s the silly princess story for 2nd-grade kids. This short story of a silly princess has a moral lesson that kids should know. Stories play an essential role in the growth and development of kids’ brains. The moral lessons that they get define what ethics they will inherit. Besides this, there are many advantages to reading. Reading helps kids to boost up their confidence level, get a sense of emotions, and it makes their vocabulary strong. This is why parents should encourage their kids to read a short story every day before going to bed. Now have a look at the short princess story which is mentioned below!

The Story of the Silly Princess

Once upon a time, there was a king and his daughter named Vanya. One morning, the princess saw her dad’s worried and sad face. So, she asked him what’s bothering him. The kind asked the princess, “how can you smile and laugh so much my dear child? You must be serious! You are a princess and princesses never take things lightly.” The princess laughed and said “Father, I’m all right. Look at your face! You look so sad and serious.” The king replied, “I am the king. I have to solve many issues on my own and have to keep everyone happy.

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The little princess asked her father “how can you make anyone happy if you are not happy? Come with me, I’ll teach you how to do cartwheels and have fun.” The king was not ready to spend his valuable time in doing something silly, but couldn’t say no to her pretty little angel. So, he went with his daughter and did a cartwheel. Surprisingly, the king enjoyed a lot with the princess. After a while, the king decided to go, but again the princess wanted him to spend some more time with her.

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So, she asked him to fly kites and said, “Maybe I am silly. But I want you to do this.” The king got convinced and they both went up on the roof to fly kites. The father and the daughter had a great time together. The king was smiling after a very long time. Vanya said to him, “father, you look nice when you laugh. You can’t solve anyone’s problem by being serious all the time. Spend some time with me every day. I’ll teach you how to cheer up yourself. We’ll play many games and spend a great time together.” King replied with a smile “you are right, my dear. I must be silly more often. From tomorrow, I’m going to have time for silly activities. It makes me feel happy.” Joyfully the king hugged the princess.

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Moral of the story: You cannot spread happiness if it lacks in your heart.

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