The Honest Woodcutter Story in Short | Learn How to Overcome Dishonesty

The Honest Woodcutter Story in Short

The Honest Woodcutter Story in Short

Do you want to teach your kid to become truthful? Here’s is the honest woodcutter story, in short. Kids often lie out of fear. Untruthfulness can become a habit if not stopped at an early age. To conquer over falsehood, you don’t need to learn the trick on how to overcome dishonesty, rather read moral stories in front of your toddler. The honest woodcutter story has proved to be the best to emerge the sense of honesty amongst children. After the story, you’ll get to know about the moral lesson that you get from the short story of an honest woodcutter.

The Honest Woodcutter and The Water Fairy story

Long ago, lived a poor woodcutter. Every day he went to the forest to cut wood. One day as he was cutting wood, his axe slipped from his hands and fell into the river water. The woodcutter became sad as he couldn’t find it in the deep and fast-flowing water. The hopeless woodcutter sat beside the river with a great grief.

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All of a sudden, a fairy appeared from the river. She asked him why he is sad. The woodcutter told her the whole story. After listening to him, the fairy decided to help him. While holding up a silver axe, she asked “Is this yours?”. Without thinking much, the woodcutter replied, “no”. Magically, a golden axe appeared in her hands, she asked: “Is this gold one yours?”. This time too, the honest and ungreedy woodcutter said “no”. The fairy showed him the wooden axe and asked the same question. “Yes, Yes,” cried the woodcutter. The fairy handed over his axe to him. He jumped with joy and thanked the fairy. Seeing his truthfulness, the fairy said, “you told the truth, so take the gold and silver axes too.

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A rich man who was hiding behind the tree while the whole scene was going on, dropped a wooden axe into the same river. The fairy arrived in front of him and asked whether the silver axe belonged to him or not. “Yes”, said the rich man with greed. “No, it is not and you know it,” said the fairy with great anger. She went away into the deep water without even returning his real one.

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Moral: One must always tell the truth.

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