List of Nursery Rhymes for babies | English Poems with Lyrics

List of Nursery Rhymes

Every Schools or Preschools have their own List of Nursery Rhymes for babies so on the basis of School’s Pattern we are here providing a complete list of English Poems with Lyrics for Toddlers.

As you know, singing rhymes with your baby is not only fun or entertaining moments you share with your child but it is also a great way to connect to your child by developing various emotions positively.

Learning and Singing Poems also improves Language Development and boost their mind for learning so many other thoughts you want to share with your child.

But whenever you are going ahead with any poem, make sure you are making proper movements based upon lyrics. Because through proper body actions kids learn easily, fast and this also helps to boost their confidence to speak in front of entire class and teachers.

So Dear Parents! Let’s get started and sing along with us:

  1. A Little Nut Tree Poem for Nursery | Rhyme with Unknown Facts

The rhyme was first recorded in Newest Christmas Box, printed in London in the year 1797. James Orchard Halliwell, an English Shakespearean scholar, a collector of nursery rhymes and fairy tales, and antiquarian, had some different opinions about its’ origin.


  1. Teapot Rhyme for toddlers | Nursery Rhyme with Lyrics

This American poem describes the process of heating and pouring of water in a teapot or a whistling tea kettle. The poem was published in 1939 by George Harold Sanders and Clarence Z. Kelley.


  1. You Are My Sunshine Lyrics | Classic Nursery Rhyme For Kids

Through this poem, the poet had tried to express the emotions that a mother feels when her child leaves her alone after marriage.


  1. Columbus Sailed The Ocean Blue – Baby Rhymes Song With Video & Lyrics

Regardless of this, one of the beloved songs is Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue in 1949 rhyme. The Poem uncovers the whole journey of this genius navigator back in 1492.


  1. Let’s Go to The Beach Song | Rhyme for Kids

The rhyme is fun to listen to because of the amazing music and lovable rhyming words included in it. It is famous across the world and is voted as the best beach song for kids.

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      Hey! Still we have some more great poems to make your kids learn about balloon,

  1. Father & Sons Rhymes | Rhymes for

The poems are newly released, so now you can teach your toddler a unique rhyme. Both of the rhymes show the bond between a father and his sons.


  1. My Red Balloon Lyrics | Rhyme for Nursery

The poem includes some beautiful lyrics, attracting the toddlers to sing and read. It’s simple rhyming words makes the poem easy to understand and remember.


  1. 12345 Once I caught a Fish Alive | Rhyme for UKG & Nursery with Lyrics

With the rhyme, parents can make their toddlers learn numbers from one to ten with actions and chuckles.


  1. Five Little Soldiers Rhyme Lyrics | Easy Nursery Poem to Learn

The poem features five little soldiers who seem tired of working all day and night.This melodious poem is best to teach numbers to the kids from one to five.


“Yes Yes Baby poem video” will make your kids dance, laugh, and sing. They will also learn to sleep on time and add new words to their vocabulary.


List Not Ends here!! Some More are here to sing with your baby

Singing these given poems will make your kids to learn not only different vocabularies but also encourages to get ahead with no worries in their life. They learn about numbers, animals, fruits, Color’s name, birds and more required things but in an easy way. Is it’nt?


The song was originated from a campfire song. It is introduced with different hand motions for each shark family members.


This amazing poem is good to teach numbers to the kids from one to five. It also helps them to boost their vocabulary.


This melodious poem is used as a lullaby for kids, but it is much more than a sweet little song. As per Katherine Elwes Thomas, the song was released to showcase the unfair heavy taxation on wool back in those days.


Row, Row, Row Your Boat Poem depicts that in life there will be ups and downs, like a boat facing the unsteady flow of water.


This poem was first published in 1806 and soon became one of the popular nursery rhymes. The credit of its’ first publication goes to Jane and her sister Ann Taylor.


As per a book published in 1989 by Jessica Wilson, this famous rhyme was originated in Kenya. Vinoth Chandar, the CEO of ChuChu TV, also threw light upon this. He stated that the rhyme was old enough to access the public domain in India by 2018.

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