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Learn hand washing activity for preschoolers

Are you worried that your toddler can fall sick if he keeps his hands dirty? Don’t worry, you can fix this by engaging your kid in fun handwashing activities. Learn handwashing activity for preschoolers right from here to follow healthy habits. Through these activities, you can show your children how dirty hands can result in diseases. These activities won’t take much time and can be done easily. You may tell them that if they won’t wash their hands then they will become ill, they’d require to eat bitter medicines and tolerate injection’s pains. Remember, to maintain their health you need to scare them a bit. You can make things more serious for them by following simple hand washing activities.

Hand Washing Activities for Preschoolers

  1. Show a rotten apple

Infect an apple to show how diseases are spread. For this, you just need to take an apple that’s already starting to rot. Into the rotten part, insert a toothpick and pull it back. Now insert the same end of the toothpick into a fresh apple. Leave the apple like this, for one or two days, later you’ll see that the apple starts to rot. Take another fresh apple and insert the same toothpick but this time wash it with soap and then insert it in a clear apple. Leave the apple for two or three days and you’ll see that the apple is still fit to eat. Show this whole process to your kid to make him understand how dirty hands can result in illness.

  1. Sing a hand wash song

For a handwashing song with your toddler. The song must last for about 20 seconds. While washing hands your kid could sing the song to make handwashing a fun activity. You can also try to make him learn the below-listed songs:

Tops and bottoms song

“Tops and Bottoms, Tops and Bottoms, (Rub top and bottom of hands)

In between, In between, (Rub fingers inside on both hands)

All around our hands, All around our hands, (Just like it says)

Then we wash. Bam, Bam, Bam.”

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The soap on your hands

“The soap on your hands goes sud, sud, sud.

Sud, sud, sud.

Sud, sud, sud.

The soap on your hands goes sud, sud, sud.

And the germs go down the drain.”

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Another song

“Twinkle, twinkle little star,

Look how clean my two hands are,

Soap and water, wash and scrub,

Get those germs off rub-a-dub,

Twinkle, twinkle little star,

Look how clean my two hands are.”

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  1. Potato Germs

Take a potato, slice it, and blanch to kill any germs that could be there on the potato. After lunch, call the students before they have washed their hands. Hand over them a small slice of potato. Then, take the slice and ask the students to wash their hands using proper technique. Give them another slice to handle. Put each potato slice in a separate plastic bag. After five days, show the difference between both the slices to the students.

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  1. Hand Washing Chart

Create a chart with your children, displaying when one should wash hands. This will act as a reminder for your kids and other family members to wash hands. Your toddlers should identify if they are washing their hands enough times or not. You might have heard that children imitate their family members, so tell all the family members to follow the chart and lead by example. Practice healthy habits to keep your kids and family safe from diseases.

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  1. Traveling germs

Show them how germs are spread in the air. To demonstrate this, take a small amount of baby powder and pretend to sneeze by blowing on it. This will show how far the germs could spread if the mouth is not cover by hands while sneezing. By showing this, you can make the kids understand the importance of covering mouth while sneezing.

Show them the baby powder in your hands. Then tell them that after sneezing always wash the hands as the germs come on the surface of your hands. Together with your kids, form a list of times when one must wash the hands. The kids can review the list whenever they get confused about whether there is a need of washing hands or not.

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  1. Use images to remind them

Tell your kids to draw an image of a soap or to make images that could influence people to wash hands. Place those images on the walls. This will remind them to wash their hands and follow healthy habits. Guide them to write why washing hands is an important activity? How should people wash their hands? And all other such crucial information.

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