Interesting Facts about King Cobra | Size & Weight

interesting Facts about King Cobra

Are you ready for some jaw-dropping interesting facts about king cobra? Figure out what makes this snake so unique from the other 3000 snake species. What’s its size and weight. Besides this, many other astonishing facts are listed right below! The king of all the serpents, Cobra snake, can even kill an elephant with its venom. This is just a small example of its deadly bite. Sound frightening right? The snake is crafted with beautiful patterns. The king cobra is found mainly in the rain forests and plains of Southeast Asia, India, and southern China.

Interestingly, their color can vary from region to region. king cobra is adjustable to various habitats. Whether we talk about forests, mangrove swamps, bamboo thickets, high-altitude grasslands, or rivers, these ferocious snakes can live anywhere comfortably.

Interesting Facts about King Cobra for Kids

  • This beautiful snake builds a nest to lay eggs. The female cobra guards the eggs until they hatch. A female can lay up to 21 to 40 eggs. No other snake species do such a wonderful thing for the eggs.


  • In Asia, snake charmers often charm king cobras. The snakes are spellbound by the shape and movement of the flute, not by the sound.

Freaky Facts About Snakes

  • It can live for around 20 years. Besides this, the authorities have given it the “least concern” status of conservation.


  • Mongoose is immune to the venom of the cobra, making it one of the main predators to the snake. However, they rarely attack the snake if other food supplies are there.


  • Its venom is capable of killing a man in just 45 minutes. However, this creature does not attack humans unless someone is poking it or it feels frightening. As per the stats, only around five people a year die from its killer bites. Why Elephants have Big Ears


  • Its average size is 10 to 12 feet (3 to 3.6 meters), but in favorable conditions, it can reach 18 feet (5.4 meters).


  • This magnificent creature can weigh about 6 kg (13 lb).


  • It has amazing eyesight and can see a moving animal from almost 330 feet (100 meters) away.
  • It normally eats cold-blooded animals, particularly other snakes. The snakes that this serpent eats are usually harmless like Asian rat snakes, and pythons. Its snake eating habits led to such a royal name.

Astonishing Facts About Teeth of Animals

  • King cobras are not from the species of cobra. They are placed within a separate genus of which they are the only member. This is why they are not considered as a true cobra species.


  • Since this species is one of the most iconic and in Indian culture, it has immense importance, it is the national reptiles of India.


  • It has a supreme serpentine intellect. This animal displays a definite strategy when it comes to catching its prey. Some believe that it can remember the facts of humans and can even escape from cages.

Smallest Monkey in The World

  • Like other snakes, this species uses its tongue to collect scent particles that are transferred to sensory receptors in its mouth. It’s just like the human sense of smell. It uses it as a means to locate prey. Not only this, but it uses vibrations in the earth to track prey.

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