Interesting Facts About Honeybee | Amazing Information for Kids to Know

Interesting Facts About Honeybee

Interesting Facts About Honeybee

Bees are nature’s way of showing that you don’t have to be big to be powerful! So, get ready to know about some sweet and interesting facts about the honeybee. These small bubbly insects produce sweet food called honey which is loved by humans, skunks, raccoons, bears, opossums, and honey badgers. Today we have only eight surviving honeybee species, with a total of 43 subspecies. Only members of the genus Apis are considered as the true honey bees. A queen bee lays eggs in a cell of wax honeycomb, which worker bees construct. This is just a glimpse of amazing information about honeybees for kids, for the rest of the fun facts about bees to know, scroll down.

Fun Bee Facts for kids

  1. Scientists use honeybee’s acute sense of smell to sniff out bombs. They can detect the amount of explosive equivalent to a grain of sand in a swimming pool.
  2. While honeybees die after stinging mammals with thick skin, they cannot-fatally sting other insects and spiders.

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  1. In a day, a queen bee can lay up to 2,000 eggs. She lives between 3 to 5 years.
  2. They are the only insects that create food that humans eat.
  3. Just like us, bees sleep between five and eight hours a day. A sleep-deprived bee finds it hard to function.

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  1. A toxin called melittin in bee’s venom is capable of killing HIV. Scientists hope the toxin could be used in preventive gels.
  2. Molecules in their venom can ease the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis.
  3. These super-intelligent insects can even recognize human faces.

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  1. They perform 80% of all pollination worldwide. Each day, a single bee colony can pollinate 300 million flowers.
  2. Nearly 80,000 bees live under the same roof in the height of summer.
  3. Worker bees make 10 million foraging trips to produce just one jar of honey.
  4. Some plants drug their nectar with caffeine and nicotine to keep the bees coming back for more and more.

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  1. Bees build up a small positive charge as they fly. Plants have a small negative charge, so pollen jumps onto the bee’s body when it lands.
  2. They have some serious moves. They perform the waggle dance to show other bees where they can find food. Long, slow dance means that the food is far away and is of poor quality. While, short, fast dance indicates that good food is close by.

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  1. Japanese honeybees have evolved the hot ball defense. If the hive is invaded, up to 500 bees will ambush the intruder and rapidly beat their wings killing it with the heat.
  2. They are adapted to pollinate, helping plants to breed, produce food, and grow in various places. They do this by transferring pollen between flowing plants, keeping the cycle of life turning. Most of the plants consumed by us depend on pollination.

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