How to Improve Hindi Handwriting |10 Easy Ways to Follow

How to Improve Hindi Handwriting

Check from here, tricks on how to improve Hindi handwriting. By following our 10 easy ways to improve Hindi handwriting, you’ll master the art of handwriting skills. With the increased use of computers and cell phones, students are facing several handwriting issues especially when it comes to Hindi writing. Today’s children find it easier and more modern to type on a computer than to write by hands. This is the main reason why children don’t pay attention to improve Hindi handwriting. However, good handwriting is very important to be successful in the future. This is why we have listed a few tips on how to make Hindi writing better.

How to Improve Hindi Hand Writing

  1. For good handwriting, it is important to practice this skill. You should get into the habit of writing by tracing from a newspaper or a magazine. Students can also try to write as per the course of their book.


  1. The most important thing to keep in mind is that while writing, pay attention to your words. Make sure to practice the Hindi letters that you are not able to write correctly. The more you write, the more your writing will improve.

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  1. As you write, make sure that the words should be at an equal distance. This will make your sentences really clean and beautiful. Also, ensure that you are writing letters of the same length. The more you try to write in this way, the more you will see the difference in your handwriting.


  1. Whenever you write, make sure the words are not too big or too small. Due to very large or small words, your handwriting could look messy and hard to understand. Always keep in mind that the Hindi words should be of medium size.


  1. When you write, always remember to never write with high pressure. While writing don’t put much pressure on the nib of the pen or pencil. This is because the greater the pressure, the more will be the chances to write untidily. In addition to this, your copy could also get spoiled.

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  1. If you are at the beginning stage, write slowly and correctly. If you’d try to write fast your handwriting will become worse. So, for good handwriting, write comfortably and take your time. Haste has a great impact on bad writing and you’ll also end up making mistakes. After you start writing letters correctly, practice to increase your speed.


  1. Try to write without making a mistake. Overwriting or cutting incorrect words results in untidiness. It also makes the sentence hard to understand. If you have made a mistake while writing, just put a single line on it. Leave a gap of two fingers before writing the correct answer. Clearly written sentences are easy to understand and leave a good impression on the teacher.

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  1. Write with a pen or pencil which is comfortable and suitable for you to avoid trouble when you write. Choose pencils that form a good grip or any type of pen that suits your hand. You can choose from a ball pen, roller pen, gel pen, and ink pen. Practice from a particular type of pen to make your Hindi handwriting neat and clean.


  1. You can also buy some Hindi handwriting improvement books from online shopping sites like Flipkart and Amazon. These books will help you in writing correctly and neatly. Books that are best for Hindi handwriting improvement are:
  • Hindi Handwriting Improvement Books Course Cursive
  • Meri Pratham Hindi Sangrah: Hindi Workbook to Practice Words and Sentences
  • Gikso Sulekh Manika Hindi Handwriting Practice Workbook for Kids 3-6 Years Old
  • Gikso Sulekh Manika – 1 Hindi Handwriting Practice Workbook for 5-7 Years Old Kids
  • Speed Writing In Improved Handwriting – Devanagari (Hindi) Script – Book A (For 6 to 9 Years)

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  1. Unlike English, Hindi is written in Devanagari script. This is why the writing format of the language includes curves and not strokes. So, the better you are at curves or drawing circles, the better your writing would be. To make things favorable, practice making freehand circles.


  1. Practice speaking Hindi words correctly. When you pronounce words correctly, the chances are less to make mistakes while writing. This will help you in writing sentences beautifully without a single mistake.

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