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Did You Know Sea Lion

Did You Know About Sea Lion? If you’d like to, then get-go for amazing features of sea lion listed over here. Learn about what do sea lions eat, where do they live, what is their habitat, and all other such information. Understand why are sea lions endangered and what makes California sea lions different from the other five species. These adorable creatures have a friendly nature loved by all. But sadly, their life is affected by water pollution, marine debris, food and habitat competition created by humans. Together, we should solve this issue as we’re the reason behind their struggle. To know about this cute creature better, scroll down the page!

Facts about sea lion

  1. There were once seven species of sea lions. Sadly, one of the species called the Japanese Sea Lion became extinct. However, we have six species today namely, south American, New Zealand, Galapagos, Australian, Steller, and California sea lions.

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  1. Steller sea lions are the largest amongst the eared seals. They were recorded in the endangered species list of 1990. The main reason behind their decreased population were humans who shot them as these creatures used to eat their fishes. However, as per NOAA statement, Outreach and education have basically stopped the shootings.

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In June 2010, states of Washington and Oregon, and the other from the state of Alaska, declared that the sea lions are out of threat.

  1. The sleek body makes the California sea lion faster than any other seal. They can reach up to the speed of 25 miles an hour underwater.
  2. The Australian sea lion has a gestation period of whopping 17.6 months. Eared Seals give birth to a single pup a year. Baby eared seals are called pups. After giving birth to pups, females usually mate again within seven to ten days.

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  1. An Australian sea lion can live for around 15 to 20 years. Males mature between 10 and 12 years of age, while the maturity age for females is three years. However, only three out of 10 pups born reach the maturity age.
  2. After delivering the pup, the mother eared seals stay with them for the first week on the beach. After that, the pup starts exploring the world around them. Mother eared seals spend about 15 months teaching them how to survive and the tricks to catch their prey.
  3. The Steller Sea lion males can reach up to 2.6 – 3.9 meters in length. Females can reach up to 2.6 meters. In favorable conditions, males can weigh around 1100 kilograms and females, 270-350 kilograms.

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  1. They communicate in various ways. Scientists are still not sure about what their sounds mean. They have their own colonies, which have subgroups.
  2. The Great white shark, hammerhead shark, blue sharks, and orcas are their prime hunters. The eared seals belong to a group of animals called “pinnipeds.”
  3. Sea lions eat a lot of things. They love to eat different fishes including anchovies, herring salmon, and sardines. They even eat squid and octopus. Their 34 to 38 teeth help them tear the skin of sea creatures. Rather than chewing the food, they prefer to swallow it whole.

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