Baby Learnings


Three Blind Mice Rhyme | Lyrics with Audio

Three Blind Mice Rhyme is one of those folk songs in English which teaches your number of lessons all in a few lines of text.

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Little Boy Blue Rhyme | Poem Song

The rhyme we are going to introduce here is Little Boy Blue. This was first printed in Tommy Thumb’s Little Song Book in 1744.

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Song Lyrics

Earlier songs, rhymes, poems, and lullabies were used to be a great source to teach the kids some mathematical rules.

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Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John | Song for Kids

No matter how old we are, we always feel protective and safe under the arms of our mothers.

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I Do Not Like Thee, Doctor Fell | Poem for Nursery Kids

 I Do Not Like Thee, Doctor Fell This is a proverbial English poem. This was actually made in the Latin language which was further translated.

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