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Did You Know 5 Most Spoken Languages in The World?

Over 6,500 languages are spoken across the world. However, out of these only a few are used popularly worldwide. Did you know the 5 most spoken languages in the world? Language is an art to communicate in written and spoken form.

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5 Easy Learning Techniques to Teach Social Science

Often children find it boring to study social science. But they can’t skip the subject and get admission in the next class. So, here’re 5 easy learning techniques to teach social science to kids.

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All States of India With Capital of India | GK Quiz 2020

The most recent question asked in any general knowledge test is how many states are there in India and what are their capitals? To make GK Quiz 2020 easy for you, we’ve presented all states of India with the capital of India.

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GK Quiz for Class 9 | General knowledge Questions with Answers

Grade 9 is a fresh start for students to indulge in a new area of knowledge. We’ve included Chemistry, History, Physics, Geography, and biology questions to cover the syllabus of 9th grade.

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Top 10 Indian Companies Listed In Fortune 500

Top 10 Indian Companies Listed In Fortune 500 The Fortune India ranks the top 500 Indian companies based on the latest sales and gross revenue earned. Top 10 Indian Companies Listed In Fortune 500 is publicized annually through Fortune magazine. The magazine is published monthly through the license agreement between Time Inc. and ABP Group. Till 2018, […]

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