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Why Carrot is Red and Spinach is Green | You Would Get Surprised

Why Carrot is Red and Spinach is Green Have you ever wondered why carrot is red and spinach is green? You would get surprised to know that pigmentation is responsible for such a change. Now the question arises, what are pigments? Well, pigments are compounds present in plants that give color. These pigments absorb some spectra […]

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Blossom Tree Fun Facts | Types of Blossom Trees

Blossom Tree Fun Facts  Blossoms are truly the magical flowers of stone fruit trees which catch the attention of people with their beauty and fragrance. To boost up your intelligence, check out the blossom tree fun facts from here. The flowers of this magnificent tree can range in color from pale pink to bright pink […]

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Herbs Plants Information for Kids | Know Their Uses

Herbs Plants Information for Kids  With countless medical advantages, herbs are the super plants of mother earth. To boost up the know-how, here’s herbs plants’ information for kids. From here, get to know the uses of these tiny little plants within no time. Besides their medicinal properties, they are also loved for their beautiful fragrances […]

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Interesting Facts About Rain in English | Droplet Size Information

Monsoon is finally here, so why not start the day with some droplet size information on rain? To make your day special we’ve listed a bunch of Interesting Facts About Rain in English. People often say the sound of rain can clam an anxious mind and fill it with positive energy.

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How Rainbow is Formed During Rainy Season?

We heard many people asking how a rainbow is formed during the rainy season? This is why here we’ve mentioned all the necessary details on this topic.

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