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Why We Should Not Burn Plastic | Why Not Recycle

Why We Should Not Burn Plastic Plastic is a substance present in almost everything that we use. People often burn plastic when not in use, but it damages the environment and our well-being, which is why we should not burn plastic. Burning plastic waste is a common practice because it is considered as a quick […]

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Herbs Plants Information for Kids | Know Their Uses

Herbs Plants Information for Kids  With countless medical advantages, herbs are the super plants of mother earth. To boost up the know-how, here’s herbs plants’ information for kids. From here, get to know the uses of these tiny little plants within no time. Besides their medicinal properties, they are also loved for their beautiful fragrances […]

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Effective Ways to Overcome Kid’s Fear & Anxiety | Must Learn

Is your kid afraid of the dark? Or he fears to go to school? To handle this situation, parents must learn effective ways to overcome the kid’s fear & anxiety.

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Why Truth is Important in Life |How to Teach Child to Speak Truth

Out of all human virtues, truthfulness is of utmost importance. But why truth is important in life? Well, this trait is important to develop the character of kids.

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10 Ultimate Steps to Stop Crying Your Baby-Babylearnings.In

Does your baby cry all day without any reason? Don’t worry, almost every house faces the same issue and its tough sometimes to make the baby giggle again.

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