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Knowledge About Sanchi Stupa

If you are wondering when was the stupa discovered and by whom? what do the gateways of Sanchi stupa depict? And all other such things, take a look at Breath-taking Knowledge About Sanchi Stupa, Raisen. With the below-mentioned information, you can quench your thirst for knowledge about this age-old monument. Sanchi Stupa is a Buddhist Complex on a hilltop at Sachi Town in Raisen District, Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in India. This historical monument is 36.5 m in diameter and 21.64 meters high. After emperor Ashoka accepted Buddhism, he built a Stupa at Sanchi. Sanchi Stupa was constructed as the Buddhist studies and learning center. In 1989, the monument became the world heritage site. The importance of Sanchi Stupa in Buddhist culture, can’t be described in words. However, one should gain every bit of information before visiting this peaceful monument.

Interesting Sanchi Stupa Facts

When was Sanchi Stupa built?

Ashoka laid the foundation of this secret monument at Sachi probably because his queen Devi, daughter of a merchant of Vidisha, belonged to there. The emperor commissioned this monument in the 3rd century BCE. The Great Stupa is believed to be the oldest stone structure in India. It has numerous of Brahmi inscriptions. The pillars of this stunning monument have the inscription of Ashokan (Schism Edict) and an inscription in the decorative Sankha Lipi from the Gupta period.

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Since the 14th century, no one discovered this fascinating monument until 1818 when General Taylor explored the site. In 1919, Sir John Marshall converted this pious sculpture into an archaeological museum. However, later it was converted into the current site museum at Sanchi. As per the locals, the Stupa houses the relics of Buddha. This is because the monument was crowned by the Chhatri or a parasol-like edifice that represents high rank. This structure was once used to honor and shelter the relics.

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In the 1st century BCE, four ornately carved Toranas (designed gateways) and a balustrade surrounding the entire structure were built. The Sanchi Stupa of the Mauryan period was made of bricks. Until the 11th century, the composite of this historical architecture flourished.

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Sanchi Stupa Four Gates

The Sanchi Stupa is surrounded by four gates. These gates are known as Toranas. They are located in each direction, north, south, east, and west. Early Buddhist artwork can be seen on these gateways. Symbols that are featured on these gateways include:

  • The lotus which showcases Buddha’s birth.
  • The tree that stands for his erudition.
  • The wheel derived from his first sermon.
  • The footprints and throne indicate his presence.

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The northern gateway of this stunning architecture represents the miracles connected to Buddha through a wonderful wheel of law. These miracles are mentioned in the Jatakas. On the other hand, the southern gateway has carvings depicting the birth of Buddha. The western gateway shows Lord Buddha’s seven incarnations.

The 35 BC’s Eastern Gateway showcase the different incidents that happened in the life of Gautama Buddha. This gateway also represents the event when Gautama left the palace for his enlightenment. Not only this, but the gateway also portrays Maya (Gautama’s mother) dream before he was born. The architraves of the gate are supported by the sculptures of four elephants.

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