A Little Nut Tree Poem for Nursery | Rhyme with Unknown Facts

A Little Nut Tree Poem for Nursery

Have a look at a little nut tree poem for nursery students. This famous little song has some astonishing unknown facts. To make things simple for our visitors, we’ve motioned, “I had a little nut tree rhyme lyric” with some crucial information. The song has numerous audio and video versions as it is famous across the globe. The rhyme is loved by kids of all age groups because of its simple rhyming words and stunning videos. It is rated as the best song to make the vocabulary better. Parents should make sure that the kids are singing the song loudly to improve their pronunciation. Now scroll down the page and have a look at the lyrics of this age-old rhyme.

I had a little nut tree lyrics

I had little nut-tree,

And nothing would it bear,

But silver apple.

And a golden pear;


The king of spine’s daughter

Come to visit me.

All for the sake of

My little nut-tree.


Her dress was made of crimson,

Jet black was her hair,

She asked me for my silver apple

And my golden pear.

I said, “So fair a princess

Never did I see,

I’ll give you all the fruit

From my little nut tree.

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Unknown facts about I had a little nut tree nursery rhyme:

I had a little nut tree song” has a 3749 Roud Folk Song Index number. The writer of the song and its actual origin is still unknown to the world. The rhyme was first recorded in Newest Christmas Box, printed in London in the year 1797. James Orchard Halliwell, an English Shakespearean scholar, a collector of nursery rhymes and fairy tales, and antiquarian, had some different opinions about its’ origin.

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He mentioned that the poem was much older and was introduced to honor Juana of Castile who visited the court of Henry VII in 1506. However, there is no proven evidence to support the theory. In the absence of any references to the song, or any evidence by which it could be dated, its origin remains a matter of mystery.

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This famous melody is suitable for kids of all ages. The rhyme is easy to memorize but requires a bit of practice. Parents can also go through the other rhymes the links of which are listed over here.

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