5 Prominent Ways to Reduce Wastage of Water at Home & School

5 Prominent Ways to Reduce Wastage of Water at Home & School

For a bright tomorrow, it is necessary to educate kids to save water. So, here we’re with 5 prominent ways to reduce wastage of water at home & school for kids. The first and foremost thing that parents need to tell the kids is about water conservation. It is a practice of saving water from unnecessary usage. It is important to save water as clean drinking water is a limited resource.

The idea behind training children to use water economically is to reduce water wastage now and in the future. Parents must teach them how to use a small amount of water to do daily activities. For the rest of the information, scroll down the page.

Ways to Save Water for Kids

  1. Close the taps while washing hands

As per the reposts of EPA, nearly 2 gallons of water a minute runs out of a faucet. Children should learn to turn off the faucet as soon as their work is done. They should be taught to close the taps while brushing their teeth or washing their hands. If in school or anywhere else, they see an open faucet, they shouldn’t ignore it as it will lead to a lot of water wastage. Instead, they should go there and close it.

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  1. Take quick showers

Studies suggest that around 2.5 gallons of water are wasted every minute by using a shower. Children should bath using a bucket and mug. As they spend hours enjoying the water fountain in their home which in turn leads to water wastage. Switching from shower to bucket will help in saving abundant amounts of water.

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  1. Don’t pour excess drinking water in the sink

Children often drink only half a glass of water and pour out the rest. Teach them to take only the required amount of water. However, if sometimes water is left in the glass, pour it in a bowl and later use it for plants. This is how they can save water in daily life and break another bad habit.

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  1. Collect rainwater

Rainwater harvesting is a process in which rainwater is collected and stored for household usage. Kids can also engage in such environment-friendly activity. They just need to collect rainwater in a bucket or in anything which can hold water. The water collected by them can be used to wash utensils or watering plants.

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  1. Ban recreational water toys

Water guns and other water toys waste a lot of water. You should avoid buying such toys for your kids to preserve water. Usage of such toys makes it difficult to teach water-saving habits. As per the reports, a person uses over 30 litres of water during Holi celebrations.

This means that if five lakh people play with water, nearly 150 lakh litres of water is wasted. People should understand this situation, after all, Holi is a festival of colors and not a festival of water. Parents should teach children to celebrate the festival with happiness and joy by greeting each other with colors.

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These were the 5 prominent ways to reduce wastage of water at home & School for kids. If you like reading the ways to conserve water, keep in touch with us at babylearnings.in.

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