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15 Easy Drawing Techniques for Kids

Every child loves to draw and paint. However, a bad painting could even break their interest in this art form. This is why we have presented 15 Easy Drawing Techniques for Kids. With the help of these tricks, parents can easily teach their children how to draw objects.

So, it’s time to forget the age-old tricks to paint and draw, and stick to something new and innovative. Surely, your child will find something that will catch his attention and could become his new favorite choice. So, let your little artist form a masterpiece by using the below-listed techniques for kids to draw.

15 Easy Drawing Techniques for Kids

  1. Using your hands and feet

To make use of this technique, your child has to dip his hand or foot into some paint and make an imprint on the paper. Then he has to use his brain to the imagination and to add some details in the painting.

  1. Patterns on Paint

Cover sheets of paper with thick layers of different painting colors. Then use the opposite side of the brush to scratch various lines and patterns on the colored paper. When the patterns dry out, cut and glue them onto thick paper.

  1. Funny Fingerprints

For this one, cover your child’s fingers with a thin layer of paint and make an imprint. After that, add some strokes with a marker, and your painting is done.

  1. Mono-typing

Draw a pattern with some paints on a smooth surface like that of glass. Then you have to make an imprint by keeping the painted glass on a sheet of paper. You can make it blurry by soaking the paper in advance. When the paint dries, you can add any details you want.

  1. Frottage

For this technique, place a textured object below a sheet of paper and cover it with a blunt pencil, or pastel paints, or crayons.

  1. Using a Sponge

Instruct your child to dip a sponge into thick gouache paint to create landscapes, flower bouquets, lilac branches, and various animals.

  1. Drawing with Water

This is another beautiful trick to paint. For this, your kid needs to draw a simple pattern with watercolor paints on a sheet of paper. After that cover it with water and while the paper is still wet, add some colorful blobs of paint. You will see that a beautiful and smooth “blending” effect will emerge on the paper.

  1. The Fist stamps

To make this kind of painting your child need to clench his fists. Then dip the fist into vibrant paint and make imprints on the paper. You can add any details you want to.

  1. Spot Patterns

You first need to draw a simple squiggle as an outline. Then with the use of a cotton swab and gouache or acrylic paint make complex spot patterns. In advance, mix the paints on a palette and add some water.

  1. Stamps made with leaves

This is the easiest technique to paint. For this, cover some leaves with paint and make imprints on paper. That’s all you need to do for a beautiful painting.

  1. Salt drawings

Spread some salt on a watercolor painting that you have already made. Make sure you are spreading the salt when the painting is still drying so that the salt will become saturated with the paint. When the image dries off, you will see a wonderful granular effect.

  1. Use a different type of brush

This technique is loved by many children. For a change, draw with a household brush or use anything that looks like a brush. Paint amazing patters on a sheet of paper and wait for a masterpiece.

  1. Fruit and vegetable stamps

This trick can be used to make beautiful patterns. You just need to cut some pieces of fruit or a vegetable into two halves. Then carve a pattern on the pieces by using a fork or leave it as it is. Dip the pieces into the paint and make imprints on a sheet of paper.

  1. Cardboard stamps

Cut some cardboard into small strips. Dip one side of each piece into some paint. After that, hold it vertically over the paper and pull it across in a sideways direction.

  1. Ebru (Drawing on water)

For this, take a container filled with water. Its size should exactly coincide with the size of the paper that you’re using. However, you can also use a baking tray if you want. Take oil paints, solvents, and a brush. You need to make patterns on the water with paints. After making patterns, dip a sheet of paper into the water.

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